(Image credits ©Wool and Pine Designs; used with kind permission of Selena and Abbye)

Peperomia is the beautiful new sweater design by Selena and Abbye from Wool and Pine Designs, featuring the use of Miss La Motte Lustre in the samples garments.

"Peperomia features a unique organic motif inspired by walks through the beautiful deciduous forests of the Pacific Northwest. As leaves fall and cover the forest trail they break apart and return to the soil. Peperomia's decaying motif is inspired by this organic breakdown, as the motif progresses up the body and sleeves it slowly breaks apart to allow for the main background color to take center stage. This motif is especially beautiful when knit using hand-dyed yarns with a bit of speckle or tonality which only lends to the organic quality of Peperomia.

Peperomia is knit in the round and bottom-up: begin by knitting the lower body of the sweater placing the live stitches onto waste yarn while the sleeves are also partially knit. Once both sleeves and body are worked, all stitches are placed onto one long cable and raglan decreases are worked to form a flattering v-neck. Stitches are then picked up around the neckline to knit the v-neck ribbing. Finish your sweater by closing the underarms using kitchener stitch." - words by Wool and Pine

Peperomia is available for preorder (at a automatic discounted rate, no coupon needed) here (you can also view the links for more information about the pattern): https://www.woolandpine.com/peperomia and on Ravelry (at an automatic discounted rate, no coupon needed) here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/peperomia-2

It has given me great pleasure and joy to have been able to work with the wonderful Selena and Abbye from Wool and Pine Designs, and the equally lovely Lisa Chamoff from Indie Untangled. The creative process started out quite like the life of a tree - first there was a little seed (an idea) that grew and grew into something quite magical and extraordinary! It has been so creatively satisfying to see the colours develop and change with each iteration, and finally transformed by the hands of these skilled knitwear designers into a gorgeous sweater design. Abbye's spectacular photos were a delicious highlight... and now I cannot wait to see your Peperomia sweaters spring up and populate our knitting community 'forest'!

I have decided to create some kit bundles for Peperomia as listed below. They are roughly grouped into themes of Water, Earth, Growth, Fruit, and Sun to reflect the original forest/nature/organic inspiration for this design. Within each theme are grouped colours that are like in hue, in such a way that a fade be possible (there were some lovely fade knits in the test group). To create a more subtle version (like the Celadonite & Blue Spruce version), I would recommend choosing colours within the same theme. For a more bold and colourful approach (like the Spruceforest and Evening Sunglow version), choosing from across different themes (for example Water & Sun) would provide a stronger colour contrast, particularly if you choose a 'warm' and 'cold' colour combination.  

Lustre is a smooth, soft and silky yarn that has a delicate lustre due to the silk content. It is a hardwearing and strong yarn that drapes beautifully in knitted fabrics.

Peperomia size and skein quantity guide 

  34"/86.4 37"/94 40"/102 43"/110 46"/117 48.5"/123 51.5"/131 54"/137 57"/145 60"/152 63"/160 66"/168
MC plain sleeves 3 (995m) 3 (1070m)

3 (1196m)

4 (1315m) 4 (1380m) 4 (1434m) 4 (1500m) 4 (1650m) 5 (1755m) 5 (1850m) 6 (1950m) 6 (2045m)
MC colourwork sleeves 3 (945m) 3 (1005m) 3 (1125m) 4 (1215m) 4 (1305m) 4 (1375m) 4 (1440m) 4 (1560m) 5 (1645m) 5 (1740m) 5 (1875m) 5 (1965m)
CC plain sleeves 1 (185m) 1 (200m) 1 (230m) 1 (250m) 1 (260m)

1   (310m)

1   (320m) 1 (350m) 1 (375m) 1 / 2 (395m) 2 (420m) 2 (440m)
CC colourwork sleeves 1 (315m) 1 (335m) 1 (375m) 2 (405m) 2 (435m) 2   (460m) 2   (480m) 2 (520m) 2 (550m) 2 (580m) 2 (620m) 2  (655m)

You will be able to find the yarn selection in the shop, and under the Lustre tab in the Main Menu.