(Image credits: ©Teti Lutsak; reproduced here with kind permission from Teti)

Fynbos is a design collaboration with the delightful Teti Lutsak (https://www.nutsknitwear.com/), based in the Netherlands.

Her botanical background, and my love for the plants of the fynbos biome seemed a good fit for a potential collaboration - but when the first pattern image landed in my inbox I was overjoyed by the beautiful delicate design she had created! Her visual interpretation of our beautiful Proteas in the chart design, and the fynbos (literally translated from the 16th century Dutch term meaning 'fine bush' or 'fine leaf') aspect in the beautifully delicate lace hemming is a joy to behold - and most definitely to knit too!

She describes the design as follows;

'Fynbos pullover is a light cropped pullover that is worked in a fingering weight mix of merino wool with linen. In this design I used stranded colourwork with floats on the right side in a pattern inspired by majestic Protea flowers around the yoke and hemline and a delicate lace ribbing along the neck, cuffs and hem. The pullover is worked top down in the round.'

The pattern itself is available from https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fynbos-pullover or from Teti's store, if you prefer to buy directly from her - https://www.nutsknitwear.com/

I have created colour bundles (see Fynbos in the Shop section) that are appropriate for this design; for inspiration you can also view the beautiful projects created by the Fynbos testers: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fynbos-pullover/people. You can choose to create a stark contrast between mc and cc - choose a light base colour as mc and a dark cc; or alternatively a more delicate approach can be achieved by choosing colours of a more similar value/tone. You are most welcome to enquire via email if you are uncertain about colours, I will do my best to assist you. There are also other colours available in the general shop stock - please check under the singles/linum tabs above for available colours

Teti's sample colours: Rustic Linen (mc) + Tin Roof (cc)

Miss La Motte sample: Pale Olive (mc) + Fynbos mini gradient set. (cc)

Please use the following table to help pick the quantities needed for your sweater (if you are modifying for a longer length, please allow for more yarn):

Fynbos skein quantity guide

size inch 34.75 38 42.25 46.5 50.25 54.25 57.75 61.75 66.25
size cm 88 97 108 118 128 138 147 157 168
mc 3 3 3 3/4 4 4 4 5 5
cc 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


The colours bundled here are available in both merino-linen singles, and singles - depending on your preference... both will give the same gauge. If you are looking for other yarn bases other than singles, plied fingering bases such as Lustre and Feather will also provide a similar gauge.

Please use the Notify Me button if the colour you are looking for is not available, or email me if you require larger quantities within a dye batch. I can track requested stock in this way; and there is a big batch of yarn on its way in the next week for a potential restock!