Miss La Motte ships orders worldwide via DHL international door-to-door couriers. You will receive tracking information for your parcel via email; and items can be expected to arrive within 5-10 business days, depending on which zoning territory is selected. Items are ready to be shipped within 1-2 business days; or when funds have cleared.

Please note that shipping costs exclude customs duties and taxes that may be levied by your country - please contact your country's tax service if you are unsure about costs. Packages have to be labelled by law as merchant goods/commercial products, and the ZAR value declared as per the invoice of your order.

Shipping Options are listed according to country/zone, and per weight/sizing for courier flyer bags. Each shipping charge listed is good for about 10-14 skeins per package...which means that you could order up to this amount of skeins per courier bag to make the most of the shipping charge.) Please ensure that you select the correct option for your country. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your order. Regrettably, separate orders may not be combined in one package due to weight/volume restrictions.

If you are unsure as to your country's shipping rate; please do not hesitate to contact MLM for enquiries. Quotations for larger orders are possible - please email for a quotation. Below follows a list of zoning per country/territory and an approximate cost per flyer. Prices are in ZAR (South African Rand) - please use a currency converter to work out the daily exchange rate to your currency rate (these can/may fluctuate where ZAR is concerned):

Zone 2 R675.00 Namibia
Zone 3 R675.00 Africa - Kenya, Mozambique, Mauritius, Malawi, Zambia
Zone 4 R685.50 Africa - Angola, Ethiopia, Mali, Sierra Leone
Zone 5 R725.90 UK and most EU countries
Zone 6 R913.00-1465.45 USA
Zone 7 R1064.80

Canada, Mexico, AE, Israel, Turkey, Jamaica, Dominican Republic

Zone 8 R1100.50 Asia, Australia and New Zealand (including Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore)
Zone 9 R1138.85 Russia, South America, smaller island groups


Regrettably, Miss La Motte cannot accept responsibility for packages that are damaged or lost during shipping/transit; and regrettably does not offer exchanges/returns on international orders. If you have any queries regarding your shipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.